You come in early, work late, and commit years of study to providing care to your patients. You celebrate with patients, cry with them, and work tirelessly to provide the highest possible levels of care. You want to keep helping people and you want to do your job with dignity and respect, but you're noticing that stress and fatigue are taking over.

Your work puts you in situations where you see or hear suffering on a daily basis. It is not unusual to see even the most skilled, caring, and compassionate helpers fall victim to empathy fatigue, burnout, and severe stress. We can fathom the suffering of a few, but being exposed to so much can numb us.

As a psychotherapist, I understand the unique challenges faced by helping professionals. I empathize with the overwhelming workload and decision-making involved in being a helper. Counseling can help you maintain a successful career and achieve balanced mental health.

nun on vacation at the beach

Mother Teresa Understood

She wrote in her plan to her superiors that it was mandatory for her nuns to take an entire year off from their duties every 4-5 years to allow them to heal from the effects of their care-giving work.



  • Improve your sleep, concentration, and overall health

  • Find your own hidden sources of energy and healing power

  • Stay committed to career goals or your personal mission

  • Reduce stress and feelings of anger, apathy, and sadness

  • Transform the negative impact of your work

  • Find meaning in your work again

  • Clarify your personal boundaries 

  • Learn how to be kind to yourself

  • Take positive action to change your environment

  • Develop awareness and healthy self-care routines

  • Learn how to honor your own needs and interest

  • Develop patterns of behavior that support your health

  • Improve daily functioning and let go of unhealthy habits

  • Connect deeply with things that bring you a sense of joy

  • Gain awareness of what restores and replenishes you

  • Learn ways to acknowledge loss and grief

  • Explore your identity, worldview, or spirituality

  • Take action before your health suffers

  • Learn effective ways to communicate with coworkers