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If you are a health care provider and you’d like to provide one of your patients with a referral to mental health counseling, please complete the form below and I will contact the patient to discuss options. Please let the patient know that you are making the referral before completing this form.

before providing a referral, please consider the following

Patients often stop pursuing mental health care as soon as they run into a snag with their search. For example, if they need to make multiple phone calls, if a therapist isn’t a good fit, or if they learn that their insurance doesn’t cover the provider they had in mind, they will usually quit looking. To improve the likelihood that your patient will engage in mental health services, an effective referral right from the start is essential. Here is some information and resources to improve the referral process:

  1. I am an in-network provider with Cigna and First Choice only. My rates are $120-$200/session. I am not currently accepting any new reduced fee clients.

  2. I am not an eligible provider for Medicare. Medicare only allows licensed social workers and psychologists to bill them, not licensed mental health counselors. Here is a list of Medicare providers in Pierce County.

  3. If your patient lacks health insurance, or their health insurance doesn’t provide adequate mental health benefits, you can refer them to Open Path Psychotherapy Collective where all member-therapists only charge between $30 and $60 per session after the patient pays a $49 lifetime membership fee. Open Path is a highly-principled non-profit organization that fully vets all their licensed therapists.

  4. In addition, with the increasing use of telehealth services, patients are no longer restricted to a provider that is close by. There are many mental health providers in WA state who provide high-quality mental health care through secure video platforms. This is especially convenient to patients living with life-disrupting medical conditions where travel and scheduling can be difficult. The Center for Chronic Illness in Seattle keeps an updated referral list HERE. An (*) means the provider offers telehealth.


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